Daymak Spiritus – the fastest three-wheeled electric car [VIDEO]

Canadian electric bike and scooter manufacturer Daymak has announced ambitious plans to produce the world’s fastest three-wheeled electric car. It resembles Batman’s motorcycle and costs a hefty $149,000.

The Spiritus bears little resemblance to classic cars. In fact, it doesn’t look like much at all. The designers seem to have been inspired by the Batman comics, but it could have been a child’s tricycle – there’s no way to tell for sure. The only thing we know today is that Daymak is making ambitious plans, planning to get 50,000 orders for its electric car.

The electric race car is equipped with solar panels, which increases its autonomy, and a charger of its own design. There’s a choice between the regular version and the Ultimate version, which offers a range of up to 480 km and a 100 km/h acceleration in 1.8 seconds at a cost of $149,000. At the same time, the Deluxe version has more modest features: a range of 300 km at a price starting at $19,995.

The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to end on July 23, and production does not start until 2023. Anyone can pre-order the car by paying just $100. This will allow you to get an unusual car at a reduced price when it arrives on the market.

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