Experts talk about the dangers of home selfies

Taking a photo with a regular smartphone, few people think about the consequences. As it turned out, hackers found an easy way to extract confidential information without hacking into account and email.
According to cybersecurity experts from Sophos, all the information you need is in our photos. The pandemic has caused the shift to teleworking for millions of people around the planet. But this does not mean that former employees have stopped communicating, not to mention friends and acquaintances with whom you want to share a photo of your workplace.

Attackers are actively using the addiction to selfies in their own interests. Social network users willingly talk about their hobbies, how they spend their time, when and for how long they go to work, and share a lot of other personal information. Birthday photos, the names of employees and relatives, as well as images of the desktop on the computer reveal even more secrets than are necessary for various kinds of fraudulent activities.

“Image analysis of the home work environment revealed open mailboxes, internal emails, private web pages, software installed on computers, and more,” the experts explain.

In addition, with a detailed study of home selfies, intruders can detect hints at a person’s home address, and the indoor environment allows them to learn about the user’s preferences and help to find answers to secret questions to access accounts.

As a solution, it is proposed to hide personal data through post-processing. True, this does not always help. In the past, a Japanese man tracked down a girl by the reflection in her eyes in a selfie.

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