Fall Guys creators have announced a crossover with the cult Among Us

Last fall’s most anticipated crossover will become a reality. The authors of Fall Guys announced the collaboration with Among Us in the new season trailer. As it turned out, the usual themed costumes will not be the end of the cooperation between the two most popular games of last year.

The new Among Us-inspired look can be seen at the end of the Fall Guys season four trailer. In a commentary for IGN, the developers said that this costume will be available for free by reaching certain levels of combat passes. Meanwhile, they also promised to surprise fans with other elements in the crossover with the popular “Mafia” counterpart – but the details, unfortunately, have not yet been revealed.

The fourth season of Fall Guys will take players back to the year 4041. Competitions will take place on neon courts with new traps and mechanisms, which will be located on seven themed levels, including a location for 60 players. The long-awaited update will be released next Monday, March 22.

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