Fingerprint scanner for desktop PCs released

Previously available only for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, the fingerprint scanner can now also be used on desktop computers. Kensington has introduced a new biometric authentication solution called the VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key to secure desktop computers.

The new product is a compact desktop unlocking device and features a 120 centimeter long cable that allows you to place the sensor anywhere on your desk. The VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key supports up to 10 fingerprints and connects to the computer system unit via a USB port.

VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key is capable of recognizing an affixed finger at any angle of 360°, supports anti-spoofing technology, as well as being FIDO U2F certified and FIDO2 WebAuthn compliant. The new product integrates seamlessly with Windows Hello (including business version) and with additional Microsoft services such as Office365, Azure, Outlook, and many others.

The Kensington VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key is available to order now for $75.

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