First DDR5 tests. Speed increase up to 1.5 times

Chinese company Longsys has published the results of testing of DDR5 standard memory of its own production. The manufacturer not only demonstrated the speed of the new RAM, but also compared it with the indicators of actual DDR4 chips.

According to the AIDA64 test, two 16 GB DDR5 modules with 4800 MHz and CL40 timing showed a 28% higher reading speed compared to a pair of similar DDR4 modules with 2400 MHz and CL22 timing. The difference in write speed is 27%, and in data copying it is 10%. At the same time the latency in case of DDR5 is 112.1 ns, and in case of DDR4 – 56.8 ns.

In the Master Lu benchmark the build with DDR5 memory scored 193,864 points versus 91,757 for the DDR4-based platform: a performance gain of an impressive 53%.

It is pointed out that testing was done using engineering samples, so the performance of commercial samples may differ slightly. It is also pointed out that a pre-production Intel 12th generation processor was installed to run the tests, the frequency of which was limited at only 800 MHz, which may have affected the final results.

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