Futuristic dashboard of the new Mercedes [PHOTO]

Even before the official presentation of the EQS electric sedan, Mercedes-Benz has shown its interior. Pictures presented by the automaker show a gigantic 141-cm-wide Hyperscreen touchscreen covering the entire front fascia inside the interior of the new car.

The Hyperscreen includes holes under two turbine-shaped vents and consists of essentially three separate displays: a 17.7-inch center screen, a 12.3-inch screen for the front passenger, and a 12.3-inch screen with a dashboard for the driver. All screens have a tactile feedback with the user, characterized by a vibration response due to 12 special mechanisms.

It is worth noting that the car has no classic manual gearshift lever at all.

The Mercedes EQS infotainment system is based on an eight-core processor of an unknown model combined with 24 GB of RAM, and also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The company claims it’s the smartest screen ever installed in a car. With up to 350 sensors, Hyperscreen is able to make instant decisions on various parameters: speed, temperature and even the blink of a driver’s eye.

Mercedes-Benz engineers paid special attention to the acoustic system of the premium electric car, which consists of 15 speakers and includes three sound systems: Silver Waves, Vivid Flux and Roaring Pulse. Remarkably, the driver has no possibility to set the volume – it is adjusted by EQS depending on the driving mode. So, during slow and quiet driving, the sound becomes quieter and increases as the speed increases.

The claimed range of the Mercedes EQS is 770 km. Depending on the modification, the electric car will have two battery options – a capacity of 90 kWh and 107.8 kWh with fast charging support and will be available with rear and all-wheel drive. Maximum speed of the new car is limited to 210 km/h. The Mercedes EQS will be unveiled next month, but its price is not yet known.

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