Gadgets can now be charged using radio waves

An international team of researchers presented the results of the development of a new power generation technology. It is proposed to power wearable devices by electromagnetic waves, thus allowing charging through the air.

According to the scientists, the existing technology does not allow us to talk about the complete abandonment of chargers. At the same time, all developments are based either on the conversion of heat into electricity, or on pressure differences and similar sensors. This means that the device will produce energy only at the moment of movement. The new development is based on radio or electromagnetic waves, assuming continuous operation without the disadvantages of existing technology.

The device developed consists of two stretchable metal antennas embedded in a conductive, metal-coated graphene material. A rectifier circuit is used to convert electromagnetic wave energy into electricity. The efficiency of the system is not specified, but the researchers explain that it will be able to power various wearable gadgets.

The key feature of the technology is said to be its versatility and ease of use, since the electricity needed to run the devices can be obtained directly from the air without being connected to a socket.

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