Genesis X Concept – a luxury electric car from the future [VIDEO]

Hyundai has shown a concept of a luxury electric car developed as part of the Genesis brand. The new Genesis X Concept features an aggressive design and is made in the body of a racing coupe with an unusual headlight design.

The new Genesis X Concept, which is set to replace the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, was unveiled at a private screening in Los Angeles. The conference was held remotely, with the manufacturer talking about the eco-friendliness, the design, and the stages of creation of the luxury sports coupe.

Hyundai assures that engineers and designers paid great attention to details, from the bumper to the radiator grille. Compared to the current model, a number of changes can be noted, making the silhouette smoother. It is noted that the unusual color of the car was inspired by the lagoons of the National Park of Maranhães in Brazil.

Genesis X Concept has a giant hood, which will accommodate yet unnamed electric motor. No details about technical specifications have been announced. Inside the car is designed in a minimalist style and the main information is displayed on digital displays.

It is expected that the concept will form the basis of a new luxury Genesis G90, but there is no exact date of its appearance yet.


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