Google is abandoning Qualcomm chips in favor of its own

In the fall, Google will present the first smartphone based on the processor of its own design. Thus, the company will be able to optimize the software and hardware even better.

Rumors about Google’s own processor appeared in April of last year. Now it is pointed out that the new Pixel smartphones codenamed Raven and Oriole, the presentation of which is scheduled for the fall, will indeed be built on the chip Whitechapel GS101, where GS – an abbreviation for Google Silicon.

It is indicated that the development of Whitechapel processors is carried out in close cooperation with Samsung Semiconductor, which is responsible for creating proprietary Exynos chips. It is not clear whether to use the achievements of the South Korean giant or Google creates a platform completely from scratch.

Additionally it is noted that Whitechapel chips will be used not only in smartphones, but also in Chromebooks.

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