Great Wall switches to hydrogen cars

Great Wall unveiled a new development strategy this week. The famous Chinese automaker plans to start producing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, taking up 10% of the domestic market by the middle of the decade.

One of the main objectives of the switch to hydrogen fuel cells will be to reduce emissions into the environment. The head of Great Wall said the addition of one million such vehicles to China’s roads will reduce the CO2 emissions by 510 million tons per year. According to the new strategy, Great Wall plans to invest $450 million in hydrogen energy research and development. This will place Great Wall among the world’s top three hydrogen fuel cell passenger car sales by 2025.

Great Wall’s first hydrogen-cell-powered crossover was announced during the presentation. According to official data, it should go on sale in 2021. Already today the company owns the rights to several key technologies necessary for production of hydrogen cell vehicles, including the engine, battery, fuel storage cylinders and others. At the same time, the main development directions for the next five years are as follows: power, efficiency and durability.

In recent years, Great Wall has invested $305 million in fuel cell technology development. There are plans to produce both passenger cars and railroad and marine vehicles. Among the advantages of such technology are high charging speeds and long range.

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