High-tech transparent screen developed [VIDEO]

Chinese physicists have developed a prototype for a unique transparent display. In terms of image quality, it is in no way inferior to traditional screens. It can also be used to create advanced smart glasses that will allow you to view any information without having to access your smartphone or TV.

The technology of transparent screens itself is not new and is already actively used by many companies. Even Xiaomi has released a transparent TV. However, the development of Chinese engineers at Jilin University in Changchun could make a breakthrough in this area. They demonstrated the work of a prototype capable of displaying high-contrast colors and text on a transparent glass surface. Cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, pink, purple and gray are available. In addition, the ability to quickly transition from completely transparent to black is declared.

This technology may well become the basis for a new generation of smart glasses. However, for now, the researchers have to solve the problem of rendering speed, since the rate of image change on the current prototype is 1 second. According to scientists, in order for the technology to be perceived naturally by the user, it is necessary to achieve a switching speed of at least 30 times per second.

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