How can Twitter fix a problem image crops for better image cropping?

Twitter has introduced a new feature, no more cropping. With a tweet composing tool, Twitter is deploying a mock mockup code with a ‘what’ you see is what you get’ image preview. With another tweet composing tool, Twitter say it’s now testing a mockup code and is testing with a full or full frame image. How does it look like when we re-post a tweet on Twitter?

When Tweeting a single image, how the picture appears in the Tweet composer is how it will look on the timeline bigger and better,” the company wrote in its announcement tweet. Twitter says it’s testing new 4K image uploading on Android and iOS as part of a broader push to improve “how you can share and view media on Twitter.

With the new image preview change, there should be less algorithmic surprises like the ones several users brought attention to last fall that showed how the company’s Automated Cropping Tool quite often favored white faces over Black ones. In many cases, irregularly sized images shared on Twitter were automatically cropped behind the scenes (as opposed to cupdatingu images), but in ways that raised some troubling questions about how the software prioritized skin color and others factors.

Twitter at the time said the neural network it uses for automated image cropping was tested for racial bias, and the company claims it found none. But also admitted it needed to perform more analysis and refine its approach to avoid situations such as this where even the appearance of bias was a possibility.

Why we won’t open source our work so others can review and replicate,” writes Twitter Communications Lead Liz Kelley following the controversy going viral. Just because a system doesn’t show statistical bias, doesn’t mean it will not cause harm.”. Creating a statistical system is important. ” Kelley said Twitter would “less on auto-cropping so more often the photo you see in the Tweet composer is what it will look like in the Tweet.”

Twitter’s Parag Agrawal, the company’s chief technology officer, wrote a blog post delving into the issue at length, saying at the time that Twitter would be conducting “additional analysis to add further rigor to our testing”, and that it was “committed to sharing our findings and exploring ways to open-source our analysis so that others can help keep us accountable.” ”

Now, it looks like Twitter’s proposed solution is here, at least in a test phase. Rather than previewing a tweet in an aspect ratio, tweets in standard aspect ratios will be identical when viewed in the composer window and displayed in the timeline, Twitter’s design chief Dantley Davis says extra-wide or tall images will be center cropped for those included in the test. Twitter has said a change of schedule, but at this time the timeline will be public. If they do this, the timeline will be updated on Monday. Keep an eye on this timeline for the next version.

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