Humble One – the world’s first solar-powered SUV

The California company is convinced that the future of cars lies in original design and the use of solar panels. Humble One runs solely on electricity and replenishes energy not only from charging stations, but also thanks to the large area of solar panels.

The total area of photovoltaic cells located on the roof of the Humble One is 7.4 m². They are capable of recharging the car’s battery to cover up to 100 km of travel. And this is enough to move freely around the city during the day.

Representatives of the company do not publish full characteristics of the new items. It is only known that the electric car is slightly longer than the updated Toyota Corolla (about 6 meters) and weighs 1.8 tons, which is 680 kg less than the Tesla Cybertruck.

The company has already collected $20 million in orders, but it’s still not too late to reserve the car: it costs $109,000. The first deliveries are scheduled for early 2024.

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