Logitech ERGO K860: ergonomics, comfort and up to 10 million keystrokes

Logitech has introduced a new keyboard that makes prolonged typing much more comfortable. All the keys, as well as the shape of the gadget, are designed to minimize strain on the wrists and provide them with support to eliminate muscular tension.

The softly cushioned curved keyboard stand places your forearms right on top of the keyboard, providing 54% more support for your wrists and 25% less wrist flexion. An adjustable palm rest keeps your wrists in a natural position whether the user is standing or sitting. The ERGO K860 keyboard is United States Ergonomics-certified, rigorously tested and rated for 10 million keystrokes.

At the same time, the user can adjust the height of the palm by changing the tilt of the keyboard legs. The manufacturer has provided three positions: without inclination, with inclination -4° or -7°.

“We know that most people spend a quarter to a third of their lives at work, so it’s important to feel comfortable in the office. We created a scientifically based ergonomic keyboard to help office workers improve posture, increase comfort and reduce muscle strain. The ERGO K860 is designed and tested according to criteria established by leading ergonomics experts, making typing much more comfortable without compromising productivity,” Lars Holm Lauridsen, senior global product manager at Logitech.

The gadget is available to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth as well as using the included receiver. Two AAA batteries are responsible for the keyboard’s autonomy. The K860 is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. Users can also switch from screen to screen with a mouse using Logitech Flow technology. This allows users to work with multiple devices using a single set of mouse and keyboard.


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