Microsoft poked fun at the Apple iPad Pro in a new ad

Microsoft poked fun at the Apple iPad Pro in a new ad

Following the video mocking the MacBook Pro, Microsoft has started to criticize the Pro-version of the Apple iPad. Like last time, the competitor’s gadget was compared to the company’s Surface Pro 7 tablet, talking about its key advantages.

At the beginning of the video, Microsoft emphasized that Surface Pro 7 has a regular comfortable stand, while the iPad Pro by default will have to be held exclusively in the hands. To connect the device to the branded keyboard, it is enough to lean it to the appropriate connector. In the case of the iPad Pro feelings, according to Microsoft, “quite different”, and the accessory of the competitor weighs much more.

In addition, the vendor noted that the Surface Pro 7 has several ports for peripherals. At the same time to connect additional accessories to the iPad Pro will have to use all kinds of adapters and dongles. Finally, Microsoft didn’t miss the opportunity to remind that Apple’s gadget is just a tablet, while Surface Pro 7 is a full-fledged notebook. Moreover, its price is from $750 ($880 with keyboard) versus $999 for the iPad Pro.

However, just like last time, the company “forgot” to mention that its gadget doesn’t come with the most powerful Intel Core i3 processor. In addition, the video does not mention the comparison of battery life – one of the trump cards of Apple tablets.


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