New Tekken 7 fighter will be the Prime Minister of Poland [VIDEO]

Tekken 7 fans were expecting an unusual crossover with The Witcher, but instead of a modern version of Ciri they got a more appropriate character for the universe. Publisher Bandai Namco introduced a fighter named Lidia Sobieska, who is the fictional Prime Minister of Poland. The presentation was accompanied by a lot of gameplay footage.

The first teaser of the new fighter was shown in February – then the middle-haired girl with a scar on her face, primarily reminding gamers of Ciri from The Witcher. Given that Geralt has already looked in Soulcalibur VI and Monster Hunter World, the appearance of his pupil in Tekken 7 seemed quite logical. But it didn’t.

Lidia Sobieska will be available as a fighter on March 23. The Polish Prime Minister will be part of a fourth season pass, along with Island Paradise Arena. Those who wish will also be able to purchase the new content separately.

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