Password and Email Password Changer. introduces a new Password and Email Password

It’s a sad fact of life that account breaches are common than we’d like to see. Not only can such occurrences inflict direct damage but also require us to swiftly re-secure our accounts with stronger passwords a tedious process that no one enjoys going through. In a bid to save time and make this process easier, Dashlane is introducing a new one-click Password Changer for all new users, that doesn’t remember your old one.

On different websites, if you want to change the password for a specific account, you have to go to a different one from which you can see the password details or can login and change that same password for each account. Dashlane’s solution handles all of this for you and only requires you to approve the password that you’d like to set. Please keep it that way!

The tool will let you know why it failed to change a password. this could be caused by 2FA authentication or CAPTCHA. The new Password Changer is still in beta so it may not be compatible with many websites yet, but you can expect it to get more robust over time.

Dashlane will roll out the tool to all its clients: Android, iOS, and browser extension. Just make sure you’re a beta program if you want to try it out.

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