PlayStation 4 stops running games offline without a CMOS battery

Today’s gaming systems are equipped with complex technical devices, but their normal operation can be hindered by a failed battery. A user nicknamed Forest noticed that, in the absence of a small battery, the PlayStation 4 refuses to run games without a connection to the network.

On Twitter, the gamer revealed that he manually removed the CMOS battery from the PS4 and put the console back together. As a result, the PS4 started giving an error CE-30391-6 when trying to run a game from both disc and internal media. You can fix the situation either by connecting to the PlayStation Network or by putting the battery back in.

As IT Home found out, the CMOS battery life is 3-5 years. Given that the PS4 was released in 2013, the problem can be faced by many. Meanwhile, PS5 owners may have problems as well: the media previously reported that the DualSense controllers began to malfunction on a mass scale in terms of the operation of triggers and sticks.

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