Revolutionary contactless printing technology [VIDEO]

A team of British scientists claims to have made a real breakthrough in the field of printing. They created a completely new technology capable of forming an image without physical contact with the surface using the method of sonolithography.

First of all, the scientists built a system of several ultrasonic devices, the operation of which is controlled by a computer. They are located around the surface onto which the droplets are sprayed from above. Special software controls the flow, thus creating a predefined pattern. The researchers note that they used an already documented methodology. However, they were the first to manage to curb the power of ultrasound: this made it possible to control the drop of drops in such a way that a certain pattern could be obtained.


“The objects we manipulate are comparable in size to water droplets in clouds. It’s incredibly fun to be able to move such small objects with such precise control. We can direct aerosol cans with unprecedented precision, for example, to deliver drugs or heal wounds, ”the scientists say.

Already today, researchers see the enormous potential of the new technology. In their opinion, it can revolutionize not only medicine, making contactless drug delivery possible, but also electronics, if sonolithography is used to supply conductive ink to semiconductor circuits.

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