Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can replace hearing aids

Samsung proved the effectiveness of the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones as a hearing aid. During the experiment, the device showed results at the level of specialized devices for the correction of mild to moderate hearing impairments.

Samsung Medical Center experts evaluated the wireless headphones and compared them to hearing aids in several categories:

  • Electroacoustic evaluation: checking output sound pressure levels, frequency range, equivalent input noise, and overall harmonic distortion
  • Sound reinforcement assessment: checking sound reinforcement levels at seven different frequencies
  • Clinical Performance Assessment: testing the hearing levels of people both with and without devices and their ability to recognize speech.

According to the company, one of the key benefits of the headphones was the Ambient Sound feature. It filters out ambient noise, boosting sound up to 20 decibels. The Galaxy Buds Pro feature two-way drivers with an 11-millimeter woofer and a 6.5-millimeter tweeter. The headphones have been shown to perform at the level of clinical devices sold in drugstores.

It is not known whether similar devices from other manufacturers can perform the amplification function. The engineers point out that the headphones are only guaranteed to work for mild to moderate degrees of hearing impairment.

The results of the experiment were published in the authoritative medical journal Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology (CEO), dedicated to ear, nose and throat research.

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