Satellite Internet Ilon Mask will appear in transport

Elon Musk announced the next step in the deployment of the Starlink satellite Internet system. The billionaire plans to install antennas in a variety of vehicles, connecting it to a fast wireless network.

Already, Starlink provides high-speed Internet to over 10,000 households in the United States. The company plans to expand with new satellites, which will double its capacity by the end of this year. As it became known, Elon Musk wants to provide airlines, ship owners and freight transport with constant uninterrupted Internet.

The corresponding application has already been submitted to the FCC. This is another step towards the planetary deployment of satellite Internet, which will be available anywhere on Earth. This time we are talking about stations capable of receiving and transmitting a signal in motion. According to Elon Musk, there is no talk of the appearance of such technology in Tesla cars yet, but this does not mean at all that in the future, after the expansion of the coverage area, the owners of electric cars will not have access to the satellite network.

So far, nothing is known about the start of the project. It is also unclear whether the already proven $ 499 antennas will be used or whether new equipment is needed for trucks, ships and aircraft.

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