Sony is preparing a Red Dead Redemption movie

Portal Giant Freakin Robot, citing internal sources, reported that Sony is preparing another movie based on the famous video game franchise. This time we are talking about Red Dead Redemption.

The publication reports that the insider is the same person who previously told about Sony’s plans to film Demon’s Souls. Given that the company has already announced the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima actioner adaptation, the corporation’s plans to bring recognizable video game brands to the big screen seem like a logical and plausible move. Now Sony is allegedly thinking about how it might screen Red Dead Redemption.

Recall that lately gamers have been literally flooded with announcements of movies and TV series based on video games. It’s worth remembering just a few of them and start curling your fingers: the upcoming new Mortal Kombat movie adaptation, the leading Russian Netflix animated feature on Dota 2, the deadpan Uncharted movie, a series on The Last of Us, and a recent insider’s look at a show based on BioShock – it seems that gaming movies have moved from the category of outsiders to the new mainstream trend of filmmaking.

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