SpaceX has launched a new group of Internet satellites Starlink

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle launched in Florida with a group of 60 Starlink Internet satellites, SpaceX is broadcasting live.

The Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral (Florida) at 06.01 local time. The first stage of the rocket is expected to traditionally land on a floating platform in the Atlantic for later use.

Starlink is a next generation satellite network capable of providing broadband Internet access to the inhabitants of the Earth. The project began in February 2018. Its goal is to provide access to high-speed Internet anywhere in the world. In total, at the first stage of creating the network, it is planned to launch about 12 thousand satellites.

The company has already launched Internet testing among ordinary users. You need to pay $ 499 for the equipment for receiving and sending a signal, the monthly subscription fee is $ 99, which is comparable and even less than that of the main providers in the United States.

The manufacturer promises download speeds from 50 to 150 Mb / s.

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