Tesla Cybertruck has an unusual competitor

California-based startup Canoo has announced the development of an electric pickup truck with a futuristic design. It is radically different from any production car that can be found on the road. It also has a lot of secret storage places.

The first renders of an unusual minibus were demonstrated to the public by Canoo’s management back in 2019. During this time, the design and the concept itself have undergone significant changes, and the creative and technical research alone required an investment of $ 330 million. It is known that Canoo is looking for a partner capable of setting up the production of a full-fledged platform, on the basis of which several different cars will be produced.

The renders show a pickup truck with a wide range of retractable elements, which allows you to expand the capabilities of this vehicle. There is also a model in the form of a minibus with a roof rack for transporting bulky items. Canoo positions its cars as “workhorses”, but does not exclude their use in everyday life. It is known that the most expensive all-wheel drive truck will receive 600 horsepower with a power reserve of up to 320 km. At the same time, customers can be offered both versions with a reduced autonomy of up to 160 km, and more pumped ones – up to 480 km.

It is assumed that before 2023, the Canoo electric pickup truck will not be seen on the roads. Note that there are persistent rumors about Apple’s persistent attempts to acquire a high-tech platform from the Californian company.

The Canoo electric pickup will have to compete with the upcoming Ford F-150, Badger from Nikola Corporation and Tesla Cybertruck by Elon Musk.

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