Tesla electric cars can now be bought for bitcoins

Ilon Musk published a tweet with an original message: from now on Tesla is ready to accept bitcoins as payments. For the first time such a possibility was announced in February 2021 – and finally, the head of the company kept his promise.

According to the businessman, Tesla will use only software developed within the company to accept payments, as well as open-source software, which will communicate directly with the blockchain network. According to analysts, the company will not convert cryptocurrency into dollars to further profit.

A month ago, Tesla invested $1.5 billion in the oldest of the popular cryptocurrencies, which has risen another 40% since then. Accepting bitcoin payments will presumably allow the company to significantly expand its customer base. Now only U.S. residents can buy a branded car for digital “coins”. In the future, Tesla plans to offer such an opportunity to residents of other countries as well.

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