The Google Play Store has become like the App Store

Google developers have updated the interface of the branded Android application store. The key innovation was the modification of the classic home page menu, with the digital marketplace borrowing one of the features of the main competitor.

We’re talking about the so-called “hamburger menu” – three stripes in the upper left corner of the screen, clicking on which opened the user’s application menu. In the updated Google Play it is no longer there – it has “moved” to a separate tab, which can be accessed by clicking on your avatar icon.

The initial launch of the updated store will be accompanied by appropriate prompts due to the transfer of a number of items and subsections to the new location. Store creators also redesigned the menu items themselves, which became less by grouping them into subfolders. It’s noteworthy that similar solutions were previously implemented by Apple in the iOS applications store.

The new Google Play interface design is already available in some regions and is distributed in waves along with Android system updates.

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