The high-speed PCI-Express 6.0 interface has already been implemented

Synopsys has released the first off-the-shelf solution based on the PCIe 6.0 standard, which is not yet available on the market. The newest interface has a record-breaking bandwidth, which is four times higher than the capabilities of the current solutions with the bus.

The representatives of the company have released a special set for developers including hardware and software components. Using this controller, chips and drivers, customers can implement PCI Express 6.0 support in their equipment. In addition to 256GB/s throughput, the new standard has low latency through the DesignWare controller, providing up to 2x the performance compared to a single threaded circuit.

Another feature of the interface is support for MultiStream technology which increases the data flow rate. PCIe 6.0 is expected to be adopted for commercial applications in Q3 2021, primarily in the server segment, with full adoption in the desktop market.

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