The new version of Android Auto is more functional

The new version of Android Auto is more functional

Google has once again “pimped” the proprietary software shell. The main innovation was an expanded set of applications available to users of the popular platform. In particular, drivers gained access to software for navigation, parking or gas station search.

The principle of the mobile version of Android Auto implies a projection of a smartphone interface on the dashboard of the car for shared use of applications and access to multimedia. Until recently, this mode of operation of a smartphone had a number of limitations in terms of functionality.

Back in January, Google began testing new categories of applications that are related to navigation, parking and search for charging or filling stations. After the release of a special library Android for Cars in March, most interested developers have added its support in their programs.

Popular apps such as Chargepoint, PlugShare, PHEV, T map, A Better Router Planner and several others are now available to users. According to the assurance of the softmaker, the corresponding update is already available for all supported car models.

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