Triumph electric bike charges in minutes

After two years of development, the famous British company Triumph presented the concept electric motorcycle TE-1. The main feature of the electric bike was the possibility of fast charging and the efficiency of the use of available energy.

Electric motorcycle TE-1 is a fruit of cooperation of the British manufacturer of bikes Triumph and three unnamed partners, each of which offered its developments. The project was made possible thanks to financial support from the UK government’s Office of Zero Emission Vehicles.

Several conceptual images were presented to allow an evaluation of the bike’s design and construction. According to official statements, the TE-1 will be able to provide maximum 174 horsepower with a range of more than 190 km thanks to a 15 kWh battery. A quick charge will get 80% in 20 minutes, and the thermal management system guarantees a constant level of performance. This means that the owner will be able to use the bike even when the charge level is close to zero.

Triumph assures that it is not yet ready to release such a bike for sale. The first prototype will appear by the end of the year, and mass sales of the TE-1 will be delayed until battery prices fall.


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