Unusual wind turbine without blades [VIDEO]

The company Vortex Bladeless has developed an unusual wind generator. Reportedly, it not only has an unusual shape and is much cheaper to operate than its counterparts, but it is also completely safe for passing birds.

According to official reports, wind turbines cause the deaths of 500,000 birds each year in the U.S. alone. To solve the problem, AI is already being used, which can prevent up to 82% of collisions of birds with the blades. The development of Spanish engineers demonstrates a more effective way to preserve the balance of nature: it reduces bird deaths to zero.

Vortex Bladeless technology is based on the vortex effect using the aerodynamic phenomenon occurring at the moment of air impact with a solid object. Thanks to this, the wind turbine has no blades, and the energy is generated by swinging. Under normal conditions, this design feature is considered a disadvantage, but Vortex Bladeless managed to take advantage of physics, directing it in the right direction.

The developers claim that the installation costs are 30 times less compared to traditional wind turbines with the same amount of energy produced. Moreover, the equipment is cheaper than traditional installations and requires minimal maintenance. The main disadvantage is still low efficiency, since one installation generates only 100 kW per day, but Vortex Bladeless engineers plan to increase the current figures by 10 times by creating a 140-meter wind turbine.

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