Virgin Galactic’s new sci-fi spaceship [VIDEO]

The American company Virgin Galactic has unveiled the next generation of its suborbital SpaceShip III. It has a modular design and resembles starships from sci-fi movies.

SpaceShip III will be the successor to its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft. Visually, it differs slightly from its predecessor, but all the changes lie inside. According to representatives of Virgin Galactic, the plane is based on a modular design, which opens up wide possibilities of operation. In case of a breakdown, it will be much easier to remove one of the parts to get to the nodes deep inside the hull.

Virgin Galactic plans to use SpaceShip III as a space tourist ship. In fact, the vehicle will not go beyond the Earth’s orbit, but passengers will still be able to visit the altitude inaccessible to most aircraft. The debut commercial flight could take place as early as 2022. At the moment in the asset VSS Unlty no successful start, because due to problems with the engine in December 2020 set the altitude had to stop.

The first planning and airdrop tests with SpaceShip III engines on will take place in the summer of 2021.

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