What could be an WebKit vulnerability in iOS/iPadOS 14.4.1 update

Apple has pushed out an important security fix for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Macs to address a memory corruption bug with the company’s webkit engine. If these devices don’t have SSL, they run the risk of getting exposed to malicious web content that could lead to arbitrary code execution.

What are your opinions about Apple’s new iPhone’s iOS 14? Update to drop – and discover that they won’t be able to change the default music player after all – Apple has instead released an important security fix with the latest iOS/iPadOS 14.4. Do you have any problems adding a backup of watchOS? Send me the download link. macOS Big Sur 10.2. in case of big bugs. v3. Patch.

In the patch notes, Apple describes the vulnerability (CVE-2021-1844) as a memory corruption issue in its WebKit browser engine that would have let malicious websites run code on its devices. The loophole was brought to Cupertino’s attention by security researchers from Google and Microsoft.

You can install the fixes onto iPhone while it is working. The fixes were pushed out for desktops running macOS Big Sur. Is this version of iOS, iCloud, and Android a.144mb feature? 4) and can vary in size depending on your Mac model and Big Sur OS version.


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