Why is OPPO Find X3 Pro so “slow” wireless charging?

OPPO management decided to tell why the new flagship Find X3 Pro received far from the fastest wireless charging. It turns out that this decision was quite deliberate and has a specific explanation.

With the included 65W PSU, it takes just 29 minutes to fully charge OPPO Find X3 Pro from 0 to 100%. At the same time, the smartphone also has support for 30-watt wireless charging, with the help of which it takes 80 minutes to fully replenish the energy.

According to an OPPO spokesman, it was important for them not to ensure the maximum charge rate for a short time, but to maintain consistently high rates throughout the entire energy replenishment process. This is said to improve charging efficiency.

In addition, a company employee responded to criticism about the deterioration of the vibration motor in the Find X3 Pro compared to its predecessor. So, in Find X2, a linear vibration motor moving along the X axis was used, while in the new product it moves along the Z axis, which is considered a less advanced solution. OPPO does not explain the reason for such a downgrade, but assures that due to special software algorithms, users will receive the same pleasant vibration.

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