Working Iron Man suit in action [VIDEO]

The author of the YouTube channel JLaservideo set out to make the most exact copy of the Mark 5 suit from the movie “Iron Man 2”. Like the original, it is stored in a small suitcase and almost self-assembled directly on the body of the owner.

The Mark 5 has been keeping the blogger busy for a long time. The main challenge was not only to create a similar costume, but also to put it all in a suitcase similar to the one Tony Stark pulls his costume out of in the movie. After a lot of work, the enthusiast managed to achieve a visual likeness, although the putting it on doesn’t look as spectacular. The climax was the automatically closing helmet.

In his work, the blogger used plasma cutting, and the machine was pre-programmed with specialized software. The inside of the helmet has an augmented reality display, and the built-in artificial intelligence is capable of speaking in a male voice. The enthusiast believes that the suit could have been made better, but on the whole he is satisfied with the result.

In his video, the blogger describes the difficulties he encountered during the work. Expanding parts caused particular problems, but after using some clever mechanisms everything was solved. JLaservideo said that he paid a lot of attention to detail, trying to achieve a similarity. The remote control was small, which made the putting on the costume spectacular.


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